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Ann Rosen: Recycling the Work Process [signed]


Keyword: 1980’s – 2023, drawing, graphic score, sound art, installation, symbols, Swedish artist

Size: 227 x 300 mm

Pages: 96
Format: hardcover
Edition: 500 copies
Language: English
Illustration: 58 in colour & b/w
Editor: Sten-Olof Hellström
Text: Julian Cowley, Bennet Hogg, Gunnel Pettersson, Ann Rosén
Book design: Ann Rosén
Printing: By Wind
Publisher: Schhh Publishing
Pub Year: 2023
Weight: 740 gr
ISBN: 9789198849509
A book covering the composer, musician and visual artist Ann Rosén’s interpretation of the graphic score; a description – a way to mediate a feeling or an experience.

A Composition in Three Movements for Instruments by Choice

This is what Ann Rosén says: ”For more than ten years I wondered how I can share my knowledge and experience? The questions piled up, what do I know, what do I want to convey and how should it be done? For the last three years I have been working on this book project to find a form. After several initial attempts and changes of direction, I came to the conclusion that my story should take the form of a graphic score. ”

The book ”Recycling the work process” is an independent work in the form of the score with self-created symbols. A work of art in itself. Which anyone who wishes can play. In addition, the book contains supplementary texts and Rosén’s own pictures that help the reader/interpreter to understand and interpret the score.

The score is a description — a way of conveying a feeling and an experience — of Ann’s forty-two-year artistic process. Based on works, projects and time periods, Ann Rosén has created symbols that she uses in the composition to indicate different types of playing styles, free to interpret: Resonance, Accelerando full stop, Back and forth, Change direction, Noise, Mute and Resistance.

The book also includes essays by Bennett Hogg (UK), composer, Gunnel Pettersson (SE), artist and Julian Cowley (UK), music journalist.

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Ann Rosen: Recycling the Work Process [signed]
Ann Rosen: Recycling the Work Process [signed]
Ann Rosen: Recycling the Work Process [signed] - 2
Ann Rosen: Recycling the Work Process [signed] - 3