Off Springs, Tanzfabrik-Berlin

11 maj, 2007-12 maj, 2007

A project by Ann Rosén, Sten-Olof Hellström and Ingo Reulecke

Exploration of and interaction with sound through body-movement.
Using sound based sensor techniques developed by Rosén and Hellström performers as well visitors could use their own bodies as a tool for generating and controlling different sounds. Together all the sounds formed a highly responsive and interactive soundscape that was explored first during a workshop and then in a performance-installation.

Performance Off Springs
Ann Rosén, Sten Olof Hellström, Ingo Reulecke & Guests

tanz & text – Alex Arteaga, Soundinstallation & Interactivity – an Introduction

11. May 6 pm _Fr
12. May 8 pm _Sa

Public talk after the show with Alex Arteaga 

The interactive lab will work with complex sound-bodies and put them in relation to space- and dance bodies. It will examine the reciprocal effects of sound and choreography.
The sound- and installation artist Ann Rosén and Sten Hellström in collaboration with Berlin based choreographer Ingo Reulecke and the participants of the lab will show a conceptualized presentation as a “walk in composition”. A unilateral reception will be reversed to offer possibilities of a deeper understanding of body, space and sound.
Tanz und Text
Alex Arteaga, artist, lecturer at UDK, Berlin, Studio of sound art and sound research and at ESCAC, Film University of Katalunia, Barcelona. He is doing his Phd on art and sustainability at Humboldt University and Oxford Brookes University as scholarship holder of Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.
He will do an artist talk after the show on soundinstallation, choreography and interactivity. 

Ludger Orlok